Simple Home : decorating and homemaking ideas

decorating and homemaking are easier than you think

Simple Home is about creating a warm and stylish home that can a family can actually live in.  The ideas and advice will apply to almost any budget.  Some ideas will be simple homemaking tricks of the trade we will also cover decorating ideas, the latest color trends, gardening; you name it.

Tips for quick cleanups

At one time or another we have all been sitting in the disarray of everyday life when a friend or, heaven forbid, your mother-in-law calls to say that they need to stop by in half an hour. Oh No!  What do you do now?  Before you start jamming everything into the coat closet, there is a way to tidy up (more...)

Coupons: Saving Money or Wasting Time?

I was reading an article not too long ago about a woman who could purchase a week’s worth of groceries, enough to feed her entire family, for pennies on the dollar. Loving the idea of cutting down my enormous grocery bill, I jumped on Google and started researching how to effectively use coupons. There were articles about people making money when they go to the store (more...)

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